How to Become a Morning Person - the Wholesome Handbook
I happen to be that mythical beast, that creature of legend, that mysterious denizen of the dawn – a morning person. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I am downright religious about mornings. They are the calm before the storm, the first few words of a fragment of prose, the pregnant pause of an orchestra before the next movement in a symphony. The fate of one’s entire day lies in how it begins.

I’m not convinced being a morning person is a natural inclination, but only that I have a few habits that make mornings my favourite time of day. It’s all about doing Future You a few favours.

  1. Have your clothing laid out for the next day, pressed and fresh and ready to slip into. Include your delicates, your adornments and accessories, your shoes. Wear things that communicate the person you are to the world, that bring your inner light to your outer appearance. Know how you’ll shape or braid or tie your hair, or if you’re going to leave it loose and free. Take all the guesswork out of it, all the drudgery of decision-making. Your only task in the morning is to put the pieces together and emerge into the world a fully-realized and radiant goddess.-
  2. In the evenings, take 15 minutes to straighten your nest. Wash the dishes in your sink, wipe down the countertops, water the plants, dust, put away the laundry, tidy your living space. Visual noise clutters the mind, and waking up to a clean, beautiful space gives you the opportunity to start the day with a clear and untroubled head.-
  3. Eat breakfast. Make it pleasing, sensual, invigorating. Crush blueberries and kale with ice, fry mushrooms in butter, spread almond butter on homemade biscuits, soft-boil speckled eggs. Pour steaming water over freshly-ground coffee, squeeze lemon into a jar of ice water. Take your vitamins, especially vitamin D. Sit down to eat, and read the paper or your favourite blogs. Ban sad, dry granola bars wolfed down on the train. Your body carries the great and wondrous being that is you, and nourishing it well is one of the paths to true morning-person-ness.-
  4. Give yourself the gift of time. Wake up early, savour the quiet slumbering of the world around you, allow yourself to move gently into the day. Use these extra minutes to read, to write, to sketch, to meditate and set intentions, to do something that is for you and you only. This time is sacred. Lace up your boots and climb the nearest hill to watch the sunrise, sweat it out in an early hot yoga class, do something to get your blood moving.-
  5. Go to sleep at a reasonable hour. Make your bedroom into a sanctuary of calm. Soft and fresh bedding, a horde of pillows, candlelight, dream journals, lavender sachets in your pillowcase. In the milder months, open your window just a crack, so that the scent of rain or snow or grass or the sea can seep in. Leave your screens and to-do lists and emails out of your inner sanctum. This is where you perform two of the most ancient and esoteric human rituals – dreaming and loving. Keep the mundane out of it, and your body will soon learn that when you enter your bedroom, you leave the world behind.

How to Become a Morning Person - The Wholesome Handbook
So I wish you restful sleep, good breakfasts, lush sunrises, and a day made more beautiful by starting it on the right foot. Bonne chance!