Beltane Bowl - The Wholesome Handbook
It’s Beltane, and spring is full in her glory.

This ancient Gaelic festival celebrates an earth suffused in her own beauty – fertile, sensual, and so very alive. The deer are rutting, the clover is fragrant, and the fae are afoot.

It is a time for leaping over bonfires and dancing ribbons ‘round the Maypole, weaving rosemary into your braids and wandering barefoot through new moss. It’s a time for handfastings, a time for lovemaking, for honouring our awakening wildness, and of course, a time for flowers.

Flowers are the quintessential symbol of Beltane and spring – colourful, fragrant, and sensual. We weave them into crowns, tuck them into buttonholes, soak in floral baths, shred petals for confetti, and yes – even eat them. There is something so poetic and primal about eating flowers, don’t you think?

This Beltane bowl is a little offering to spring, an edible hymn to life’s return. It’s chock full of peppery goodness, insanely gorgeous to behold, and leaves you feeling as fresh and youthful as the Maiden herself.

Betane Bowl - The Wholesome Handbook

What you’ll need:
Baby arugula
Spring radishes
Edible flowers* (I used pansies and geraniums)
Fresh goat’s cheese (optional)

Optional dressing:
2 tbsp olive oil
½ tbsp cider vinegar
½ tbsp mustard
a pinch of crushed garlic
a dash of lemon juice
salt and pepper to taste

Other edible flowers include lavender, roses, nasturtiums, peonies, hibiscus, squash blossoms, lilacs, carnations, and marigolds – you can bake them into cakes, steep them into teas, and eat them fresh off of the stalk! Each flower has its own distinct personality, and there are plenty to experiment with.

I wish you all a wonderful, whimsical Beltane! Get outside today and dig your toes into the dirt.

*As tempting as it might be, refrain from plucking your edibles straight from the pathside – grow them yourself in fresh, clean soil, or visit a boutique grocery to ensure your blossoms are of the best quality.

Beltane Bowl - The Wholesome Handbook