Spring cleaning

A Spring Mood


The Wholesome Handbook - A Spring Mood

I awoke this morning to rain.

Before coffee, before the sanctuary of the shower, even before the ghosts of last night’s dreams had slipped out of my mind, I had to feel it. I ran outside to the gray dawn in my robe and bare feet, and tilted my face up towards the sky, my husband laughing at me from the kitchen. God, it felt so good. I can’t even begin to tell you.

Rain. Not half-frozen sleet, not the tentative drizzling the sky’s been experimenting with lately – but real, relentless rain.

Later, wrapped in a shawl at the window, bitter coffee steaming up from the mug warming my hands, the rain turned to snow again. Spring is messy like that, especially in this place, this unpredictable land between the mountains and the prairies. But the white on the ground can’t erase the fact that for a moment, I had rain. Spring is here, and life is changing again.
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How to Spring Clean Your Entire Life


How to Spring Clean Your Entire Life - The Wholesome Handbook

Spring is finally, blessedly upon us, and she brings with her all that glorious opportunity for rebirth and renewal. Now is the time to till our soil, to breathe life into all of the corners of our soul, to release the old to make room for the new. It’s the ideal time to refresh not only our homes, but our entire lives.


Throw open the windows and let your rooms bathe in the loamy, leafy smell of spring. Wipe down your walls with lavender and sage, wash floors, scrub appliances. Gently tuck your winter blankets away for the season, and unfurl your sheer summer linens into the fresh air. Take everything you own out of your closet, and only put back the items that you love. Only the best should touch your body – donate everything else. Fill your home with new greenery, huge leafy philodendrons, dramatic string-of-pearls. Burn beeswax candles, shake out the rugs, re-season your cast irons, and scrub out the old frost from the icebox.


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